This piece was created for the purpose of showing the Sears Executive Team how a single category focused flyer could look like. In this case we chose to focus on the footwear category.  Within the flyer, we focused on telling more detailed stories by breaking them down by sub-categories and brands.

The Sears Toy Shop is a part of their overall Wish Book that they release every year around the holiday season. In 2015 Sears wanted to make the Toy Shop Book to not only live within their annual Wish Book, but to also stand on it's own as a toy catalogue. Above are some concept spreads along with the front cover, concept which was eventually rolled out to the public in September 2015.

Sears Canada

Designing High-Level
Creative Content

While working at St. Joseph Communication in Toronto, I was able to work with their creative team on a number of projects for a huge Canadian retailer, Sears Canada.

My role on the team was to work alongside the Creative Director and the copy writers
to come up with new, creative projects that could then be presented to the Sears Executive Team, and if approved, rolled out both internally and to the public.

Some of the projects I was able to work on include Specialty Flyers, Magazine Ads, Gift Card Design and the 2015 Toy Shop Book, which launched as part of the Annual Sears Wish Book.

All work was completed while at St. Joseph Communications.

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