Digital & Online Design

Designing digital or online content is almost a necessity in today's ever evolving technological age. The way we view, access and share
information is evolving and when it comes to getting your message across, an outstanding design will help you stand above the
sea of digital noise. Like designing for print, digital design has it's own unique challenges and opportunities for each project.
Below are some examples of online and digital projects I have worked on that I feel that make an impact.

Daniel Buchler

Daniel Buchler is a New York based fashion designer with over 20 years of expertise, who specializes in combining luxurious fabrics into hybrid textiles to create only the finest lounge and sleepwear.

This online and mobile experience was designed as an e-commcerce website that combines defined text and clean lines to make a visually stimulating website. The end result is an easy to navigate, online shopping experience and a strong online presence.

Danier Leather

While at Danier Leather, I was also given the opportunity to work on various Online and Digital content which include everything from Website Redesigns to E-mail and Online Content Creation.

The Majority of my time with Danier Leather was spent creating Seasonal Online Homepages, e-mail content to support current campaigns and brand-building pieces for the website as well as social media content for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.