Creative Projects

As a graphic designer, we are full of creativity and originality; but often times we need to channel that creativity to work in the boundaries of a particular project. It's good idea at times to let loose and create something with no restrictions or boundaries, but for the sole purpose of creating something unique and different. I feel creative work often times shows aspects of our unique design process that may not always be apparent with client based projects. Here I have chosen to add a section for some creative work that I have done in the past.

Photo Retouching & Manipulation

Even the most basic photo editing and photo retouching skills are essential for great graphic design work. Whether it's a poster or a landing page, chances are the images will need to be edited to some degree.

Over the years I have been able to work with clients and photographers on a number of projects where photo editing was, at times, the focus and other times where it was a necessity of the project.

Icon Design

Icons can add personality and feeling to any online experience. When designed correctly, an icon should be simple, clean and get the point across with minimal effort.

Here are a collection of Icons I've made for various uses. Some have been used online while others have been used in various printed materials.

Personal Projects

This section showcases work I have done in the past, that does not necessarily fit into any other category. These projects were done as experimental pieces in my off time.

These projects were meant to be a challenge to myself to continue to hone my design skills; and to try something unique and different from the usual projects I take on.