One of the biggest projects I was able to work on for Canadian Tire, was the production of a seasonal
style guide for their weekly flyers. As part of the guide, we were tasked with creating monthly mastheads
that would give each set of monthly flyers their own look and feel, as well as signify to the consumer
that a new month or promotional event has started.

This was a redesigned concept cover for one of Canadian Tire's March 2015 weekly flyers. The format of the flyer front cover is such that the grid can change as necessary to accommodate products of varying sizes and the featured image can be either horizontal or portrait depending on the product.

The "Red Alert Deals" is a common sales tactic that Canadian Tire utilizes within their flyers to showcase specially marked down products. They had asked that the tactic be redesigned from what they were previously using. The flame was used as a graphic way to illustrate the urgency of the sale. The lockup was designed in both the Canadian Tire Red as well as reverse, In English, French and a bilingual version.

This is an example concept of how the Red Alert Deals tactic would appear as a spread in a flyer.

Canadian Tire

Seasonal Flyer Creative Design & Event Branding

As a powerhouse Canadian retailer, founded in 1922, the Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd reaches consumers in many markets including automotive, sports and leisure, and home products just to name a few.

While working at St. Joseph Communication, I was able to work on a number of projects for Canadian Tire, including Flyer Design and Event Branding as well as the design of Iconography that would be used in various printed media.

Here I have selected to showcase a few samples of the projects I have had the pleasure of working on .

All work was completed while at St. Joseph Communications.

The Canadian Tire website can be viewed at